Thursday, June 19, 2014

AeroGear iOS 1.6 is out!

With AeroGear-iOS 1.6 out, we have a complete OAuth2 authorization code grant support (a few features were started in 1.4). Ready to go social? Take a tour and read our documentation.

What’s new?

  • Refresh token grant was added. Pipe seamlessly integrate with OAuth2, providing transparent refresh token requests when needed.

  • Revoke token request on demand.

  • AccountManager to manage multiple accounts and be able to store them permanently on your local phone allowing the user to grant access only when the application was first launched.

  • Social support tested with Google, Facebook and Keycloak. If you want to compare the different approaches on how to post to Facebook please read this blog post as always plenty of cookbook examples Shoot’sShare enhanced with AccountManager and GoogleDrive with revoke and refresh (Thanks to Yagyesh Agrawal for this contribution).

Coming along with 1.6 announcement, we also have a new 0.9.1 AeroGear Push Registration release which includes static lib and framework packaging with its HelloWorld Demo and a more complete contact app example already taking advantage of.

Enjoy our 1.6 journey and as always, we love hearing from you. Go Social, share with us your AeroGear experience on mailing list.

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