Monday, June 18, 2012

Gr8Conf in Copenhaguen

I was at gr8conf in Copenhagen beginning of June. It's being an exiting event.

Arrived in Copenhagen just in time to meet all the crew and speakers on Tuesday evening. Excellent diner and long evening in the pub. So pleased to meet all geek friends from my google circles.

Wednesday was the university day, I went to gradle workshop in the morning and HTML5 web app with grails in the afternoon. Really to have the USB key (hidden in the badge) containing all workshop support.

Thursday, I presented with Sebastien Blanc, Building a Groovy DSL with user interaction. Presentation went well, we prepared it without power point but rather add a full application running on cloudfoundry. Integrating impress.js with HTML slides makes cool effects. We also have integrated an embedded ACE editor from which we send groovy code to a Restful Grails controller. In order to do live coding, and because we're not mastering touch  typing like Mr Haki, we had some secret key stroke that made code appear as per magic. Obviously, you need where code will appear and do the talking at the same time. We even integrate another controller with all the code of the DSL, so that the actual demo og the DSL with user interaction was done within the presentation!

We also had fun doing a role playing presentation. But enough talking see by yourself, here the link for the full instruction:

We might also do screen-cast soon with Sebastien.

I went to all Mr Haki presentation on Grail, Groovy Gradle hidden gems, very lively. I actual asked him to come to one of our Riviera GUG, I'm sure they will all love it too.

Thursday evening, was the greet and meet event, where we could taste the grails and groovy beer, brewed by the crew.

Friday was packed with exciting stuff like: Grezi introduction: amazing tools written by Bertrand Goetzmann,  GPars introduction done by Russel, Static type checking and compilation done by Cedric Champeau and lot of interesting presentation around Spock
... and then it was finished, so soon. But, back home, we've full of enthusiasm and already coding the next plugin with Sebastien and Fabrice for the next presentation (that Sebastien will do) at gr8conf.

You would like to know what is it about? Shh... It's a secret, a work in progress.