Thursday, January 31, 2013

Greach 2013 in Madrid

Back home, I missed the great Greach atmosphere. It makes you feel like I want to be next year for the next Greach edition! Being there, with a bunch of geek friends (ie: the 3musket33rs), seeing known faces, chatting geek jokes, I really feel home in the Groovy & Grails community.

I presented 2 conferences and a hands-on session, here's my feedback on those:

Hybrid Mobile App live code presentation was very smooth. Demo gods were gentle with us. To illustrate mobile needs, we choose  to build a clone of Fousquare with a client Mr Very-very-rich you. He is the guy guiding our demo flow. As always, he comes with intial requirements and as we go along, keep adding to the backlog. As he's on the phone, he goes under a tunel and we talk about offline mode etc...I like the usage of  a metaphor, I think it makes your point clearer. It's a practice from my XP time. Being the 3 musket33rs together, despite the problems of microphone, was reeeeeally fun!

With Building a groovy DSL with user interaction, Mr very-very-rich is back again, with new requirements. Guess what? He's not on mobile business anymore but wants to make money in the survey industry. Writing a survey script that reads as plain old English. A survey that run on server side (potentially interacting with data from central knowledge database) but that interacts with user. With the dialogue between Sebastien and I, we chat about he code, even sometimes making mistakes (almost on purpose) to make sure you follow us. I hope even the AST transformation was fun to talk about. Here, we presented some drawings.

HTML5 games workshop with Mathieu Bruyen was out first hands-on session.This is the part that requires most preparation, but we had fun presenting KissingTurtles, a project that was born during Grails48 hackathon. With Mathieu, we enjoyed it so much that, taking your feedback into account, we're going to re-do the session the 21th February at RivieraGUG & JS Sophia.

Greach is over, but Greach will be back!