Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DevFestW with Paris Duchess & GDG Paris

Female speakers only on Tuesday 11th March at DevFestW Paris.
Full-room but not only female developers. Proof that gender diversity is important not only to female professionals.
See by yourself:

+Ludwine Probst gave a quick introduction on Duchess France and the event went live. Ludwine did a great job choosing presentations that evening. The 3 talks fit pretty well together: doing a clone of Foursquare using MongoDB and Google Maps, having Katia delving into MongoDB and Kasia on Google Maps.

I start my talk on "Hybrid Mobile App in minutes" introducing 3musket33rs. As I said it's fun to do open source at night, it's even more fun to do it with a bunch of friends ;-)
Live coding part went smooth, as Sebastien always says: "Demo Gods" were clement.
You can get my presentation where you get all the links for 3musket33rs plugins.

+Katia Aresti spoke about her experience working with +MongoDB. Such a lively talk you could feel the project, full of concrete exemples. You get the atmosphere of an agile team. "Emerging Architecture" was a new term to me; Out of the talk I'm also convinced to use Jongo for my Java/Groovy query.

Kasia Derc-Fenske shows us how Google Maps rocks. The introduction on JavaScript and its pitfalls was funny. I'd like when she says be aware there will be lots of JavaScript. It's a crazy language but I love it.

I feel the same when I say I'm taking Grails on a wild side, I'm using HTML5 (and BTW, HTML5 is also about JS). Interesting paths to explore for 3muket33rs MapService in JS. Thks Kasia!

The event was organised by Paris Duchess & GDG Paris. Thank you both, that was a great event and see you next year.