Monday, January 27, 2014

Back from MarsJUG hackengarten#2

Last Saturday in Marseille, I participated in MarsJUG hackengarten#2. A bunch of known faces from my previous visit of the first edition of MArsJUG hackengarten (Hey, it looks like I'm part of the usual participants). Thanks to Julien and Benjamin for organizing the event and making such a nice place to be.

The day started with a short introduction of the proposed open source projects. Very different subjects: CRaSH, DataFari, CodevTT, RHQ, Audela and AeroGear. Having presented AeroGear last Wednesday with my fellow Sebastien Blanc (you can find slides here), I gave a very short introduction and presented the list of possible contributions from hackengarten wiki page.

Quick lunch (with Quick food) and back to work. Several teams formed: Nico and Thomas want to use AeroGear Push for RHQ Alert mobile app, trying out Cordova Push plugin. And making a double contribution to AeroGear and RHQ projects. Sylvain is brave enough to upgrade to XCode 5 and delve in iOS code with OAuth2 and Facebook. There's even a JIRA code for this one. Xavier tried simple push quickstart and even submitted his first PR. Time is always too short, but we can carry on those ideas. Mailing list is our friend.

I'm always impressed with all the ideas that come up during a hack-together day, but the best is the enthusiasm that you can feel. The reward of course is the Pull Request being accepted. Keep in touch and let's work for the holy graal: the Pull Request.

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