Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hackergarten on Mars

Yesterday Marseille JUG hosted a hackengarten. Broad variety of topics:

It was actually the first hackengarten I was attending. I've done workshop before, where you prepared a demo with steps. Hackengarten are cool stuff. They required less preparation work, it's more on the fly event. It's also a good opportunity to meet and talk to open source developers. Small group, pair programming and interacting is for sure fun.

For AeroGear, we prepared some markdown doc where you put together quick start instructions.  we had two proposals: work on scaffolding geolocation or do some cool Spock test.

Two brave hackers: Victor and Axel volunteer to do Spock testing on the new AeroGear feature Unified Push.

We endup doing our first PR on AeroGear integration test branch!

Another PR was pushed to CRaSH git repo. The lucky contributors went back home with AngularJS t-shirt - ask Julien why Angular :)

Keep up the nice work, more contrib welcome ;-)
See you on next JUG guys!

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