Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greach 2014, a surprising edition !

"Join the order of the Groovy knights" drawing is the first Greach sight I bumped into. It gives you the atmosphere of the conference ;)

A bit sad that this year I had to miss the speakers diner (I've heard good feedback though)... But right on time to give our presentation "Hybrid mobile app in minutes, not day: fast and furious II" with Sebastien and Fabrice. The presentation is sub-titled fast and furious II, because it’s the second year, the 3 musketeers present a mobile talk at Greach.

We demoed and delved into the details of:

  • AeroGear Scaffolding plugin: lightweight css with topcoat, MVC by Spring cujo, plumbing done with AeroGear Pipe, Store, including AeroGear Unified Push Server client registration.
  • Grails AeroGear UP plugin. A Grails Plugin for sending Push Notifications to the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server.
  • new lib: Sync lib

  • Waiting for Greach sessions to be available, here is a short screencast on how easy to use AeroGear Scaffolding plugin

    Great Greach again,
    Greach is over, but Greach will be back!
    ++ Corinne

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