Sunday, March 23, 2014

AeroGear hackergarten with RivieraJUG

Last Saturday was hacker day for a bunch of geeks:

Przemyslaw - missing from the selfie :(
Lulu and me.

Start with a coffee and croissant: the French way. Great opportunity to make acquaintance. It's always a pleasure to meet new faces and greet old buddies.

Going to meeting room with an introduction on AeroGear by Sebastien and a presentation of the different TODOs. Very interactive talk, with some live coding demo app.

Forming the teams: whether your a Java dev, a JavaScript hacker or even an iOS lover, you'll find your way. That's part of fun with mobile dev.

End of the day is always coming too soon but as a reward Push team managed to hack a Cordova what'sapp with Push notification using cordova push plugin. Really cool UI, using ionic fwk. Delving into KeyCloak using iOS AeroGear sdk was fun bit too.

If you want to know more about those hackings, stay tuned, I've heard some details blog post should come...

Big thanks to my friend Sebastien Blanc for taking care of all the organisation to and to Les Satellites for hosting us.

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