Thursday, April 3, 2014

New iOS7 love for AeroGear libs

AeroGear iOS 1.5.0 is out!

Bye bye iOS 5/6 (gone all the hooks to cater for version bugs), we love iOS7!

Spring cleaning obliged, another important shift for this release was the move from AFNetworking 1.x series to AFNetworking 2.x. Going forward, this move will allow us to take advantage some of the new capabilities provided by AFNet, such as the support of pluggable serializers. Although the move needed a significant internal refactoring on our libraries, the interfaces stay the same. The only minor noticeable change is the usage of progress bar in pipe. Check out our recipe Shoot on cookbook to see new usage.

Still internal refactoring, aerogear-push-ios-registration went lighter in its dependencies, removing its usage of AFNetworking and relying only on the native networking facilities provided by iOS (based on NSURLSession). The lighter the better :)

Last but not least, our aerogear-crypto-ios 0.2.3 also got its internal refactoring :) Symmetric encryption has moved away from Common Crypto to now rely on NaCl libs exclusively and is now in par with our asymmetric encryption support. Be aware though, the old crypto format is incompatible with the new version, and you will need to dump and reload the data on your encrypted store. We believe though, that moving forward and relying on NaCl, will offer us much greater crypto advantage. Check out the excellent blog post from my friend abstractj to know all the motivation behind this move.

Now you're impatient to check out all the new stuff, those are the links and numbers (you can find them on cocoapods):
  • aerogear-ios 1.5.0
  • aerogear-ios-xcode-template 1.5.0
  • aerogear-crypto-ios 0.2.3
  • aerogear-push-ios-registration 0.9.0
  • aerogear-otp-ios 1.0.1

  • And off course all the cookbook recipes associated to the libs have been updated.
    Stay tuned, check our roadmap, try it, use it and join the fun: contribute.

    Christos and Corinne are the guys behind it with the help of our crypto guy Abstractj and our bug-tracker Tadeas.

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