Sunday, January 12, 2014

RivieraGUG - Groovy hackengarten

Remember the RivieraGUG coding WE back in the old days?
That was fun. A whole WE of live coding and snoring;)
Just browse our etherpad log to get the idea.

We decided to get back together for some hacking. The event will be hosted at Les Satellites, Saturday 18th January (note that les Satellites has moved - still in Nice). And this time we have Cedric Champeau (core committer on Groovy) with us!

What are we going to do?
Nothing less than contributing to Groovy language! We'd like to work on SecureASTCustomizer to secure your Groovy scripts not only at compile time but at runtime too. Be prepared to code some AST transform... Get all the details in our announcement page.

Brainstorming is ongoing, check out the forked repo groovy-core with secureruntime branch. This is a proposal, nothing written in marble. Feel free to add new ideas on Groovy-Secure hackengarten wiki page, try the code snippets, comment on it or simply add your contribution. The more we have, the more we can discuss and make progress during our hackengarten. Come and join us, this is an wonderful opportunity to contribute to an open source project.

OSS needs you!!
And remember we have a goal: make a pull request by the end of Saturday!

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