Sunday, January 19, 2014

Secure your runtime #Groovy #Hackengarten

Hackengarten is over, we had such a great time!

Thank you all for coming and making this event so special (after a long week of work). Special thanks to Nicolas Berge (@LesSatellites) for giving us a roof (useful by this rainy day). And for @CedricChampeau (who left Bretagne to see the sun) and @fabricematrat for organising and driving the event.

Wanna see in how it went? Here the twitter story:
Early start with french croissants. Sebi didn't forget them:
Meeting time, Cedric talk about AST, giving tricks how to work with the beast. How to read the GroovyConsole and some very useful debug tips. (Cedric talking with hands like a real South of France guy). Fabrice took over delving in SecureRuntimeASTCustomizer. Code is showing up!

We warm up with some coding using GroovyConsole and making test passed. One by one, step by step.
Geek lunch with ...

Pizza and beers, of course! (Greasy hands couldn't tweet that one)
Back to work in the afternoon, people working in pair, talking, coding, designing, talking again, merging... Hard work, man. And to finish, what did we produce: What our French Riviera community said about it: What's next?
Still some failing tests to go over before sending the Pull Request. The core design is here, you're welcome to hack more tests making them passed. Same approach as we did. Pick an item in wiki page, fix it commit on secureruntime branch. Once all use cases are treated will come the time to refactor (lots of ideas showed up).
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Fabrice talks about it too

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