Sunday, May 14, 2017

RivieraDEV 2017: What a great edition!

RivieraDEV is over. 2 days of conferences, workshop and fun.
This 2017 edition was placed under the sign of...

First, cloudy weather for the speaker diner on Wednesday...
Second, lots of talks about the Cloud with OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker in prod, Cloud Foundry and even some clusters battle with chaos monkey. 🐵🙈🙉🙊

The first day started with the keynote from the RivieraDEV team where Sebastien with a virtual Mark Little, announced the first joined edition with JUDCon. To follow, Nadir Kadem's presentation on hacking culture and Hendrik Ebbers beautifully crafted slides on a project life gives the tone of RivieraDEV: a conference for developers. With 3 tracks, you have to make a call, here are the presentations I've picked.
  • Edson Yanaga's session on Kubernetes and OpenShift. The presentation starts form Forbes' quote: "Now every company is a software company" and focus on how to organize your team using the right tools to deliver the best business value to end users. A/B testing, features toggle, monitoring is made easy with OpenShift with a zero downtime deployment.
  • Nodejs on OpenShift by Lance Ball who shows case how to do a source to image on OpenShift console and get the latest nodejs version available. the presentation also illustrates with a short demo on circuit breaker for your micro services in nodejs.
  • Lunch break with socca: if you don't know what it is, you ought to come to 2018 edition and taste it!
  • Stephanie Moallic talks about how to control a robot from a hand crafted ionic2 mobile app. From under 100 euros you can get you arduino-based robot! The only limit you have is your imagination.
  • Francois Teychene tells us his experience on running Docker on production clusters. So, with docker you can't get rid of your ops department?
  • Jean-françois Garreau demos the new physical web API. Lots of new cool stuff to try out to enhance your web site UX with some vibration, notification...
  • Last presentation is a BOF session on Monade where Philippe, Nicolas, Guillaume and Gauthier illustrate functions like map, switchMap with bottles, pears and alcohol. If you don't get fluent on functional programming, I'll put it on the drinks.

For the second day, Matthias kills the rumour on the French Riviera weather: The keynotes starts on accessibility and quality by Aurelien Levy, a subject very often overlooked. You, as a developer have the power to change other person's life. To carry on "with great powers come great responsibilities", Guillaume Champeau talks about ethics in IT and the privacy concern when googling.
Again, with 3 tracks, here are the presentations I've picked.
  • Julien Viet talsk about Http2 multiplexing theory. With a very visual demo of http1 vs http2 verticles loading in high latency images. Here is the link: http2-showcase! Also I get out of the presentation, with the willing to dig a bit more GRPC with protocol buffer to even encode better and reduce payload.
  • To follow, Thomas presents Reactive programming with Eclipse Vert.X. With a live demo, he shows a verticle with reactive wrapper. I've learned about Single RxJava class, a special case of single-event Observable. I need to dig in Thomas' music store demo.
  • Back for some docker, with skynet vs monkey planet fight. I really enjoy the light tone of the presentation.
  • Josh Long demos how to deploy on Cloud Foundry using AB testing, zuul configuration... Nice demo, I'm even on the demo. Thanks my friend 😊
  • Some CSS novelties with GridLayout, I'm not yet ready for it, still learning. Thanks Raphael for the nice intro, quite in-depth some time, I'll need to review some slides.

So this is the end, time to say good-bye my friends. Thanks to all our speakers to join us to make a great edition. Last but not least, thanks to all the attendees for coming and make the edition so special: best attendee record this year, over 400!
See you all for 2018 edition.

PS: If you want to read more blog post on RivieraDEV, I recommend Fanny's post.

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