Monday, August 13, 2012

Riviera Coding Week End

From Friday 10th, 7pm to Sunday 12th 7pm, forty eight hours of Groovy/Grails/JavaScript coding.

Yes 48 hours!

But who are the guys behind it? Who is crazy enough to do a coding marathon? Who sponsor such event? What was the purpose of this coding all-day all-night? How do they deal with chaos? Did they manage to do something at the end? How did it go...

You're curious

The guys who organize it are...

The initiative was initially lead by Riviera GUG, but after a couple of tweets, it wasn't long before JS Sophia decided to join the movement. So Riviera Coding Week End (#RivieraCWE) was born.

 Thank you to...

  • Les Satellites for hosting the event in central Nice. A collaborative co-working office, fittes exactly our coding WE needs. Special thanks to Nicolas Berge, our kind host.
  • Sopra Group for feeding the team on Friday night with... pizza
  • Avisto for feeding the team on Saturday night with, guess what? Yes pizza again! Don't change a winning recipe.

The crazy geeks who came...

 Fabrice Matrat

Sebastien Blanc

Mathieu Bruyen

Fabrice Bauzac

Bertrand Goetzmann

Olivier Audard

Filippo Pacifici


Pascal Cohen

Julien Faissolle
Frédéric Guillaume

 Corinne Krych

Tiago Fernandez

 Eli Gonzalez

And they meet to do...

A Cross-User Group website.

But we aim to build not just Yet Another Website. We would like to show how dynamic the region is. Our focus is local. It's about social networking in French Riviera.

We want  to
- facilitate User Groups birth ,
- help User Group to organize events, share resources
- help geeks, nerds, passionate coding guys (and girls) -call them as you wish- to meet.

UGhub (User Group Hub) is there for them... The name is not definitive yet, but the idea is there to stay and grow.

You want to know how it went?

Stay tuned.
To be followed.


  1. Did you take more photos during the weekend? I'll be happy to host them on my OpenPhoto account, so that everyone can access it.
    What do you think?

  2. Oki. Send me the link where to upload them.

  3. Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way...
    I could share a dropbox folder with you but I'll need your email address. Twitter DM maybe?


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