Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to coding WE Story

I've got more to tell you about our coding WE. 

How did it go?

7pm: Evening started with a round table presentation. Kind of classic: you say your name, what you expect from the event, what do you know about groovy/grails, what you like doing blahblah


8pm: Pizza Party sponsored by Sopra

9pm: Bertrand did an half-hour crash course on Grails

11pm: Little break after the 2 hours sessions ;-)
noon: Start of brainstorming session logged by Mathieu on Etherpad hosted by cutie Raspberry Pi. I'm now a fan of Rasp and I want to get a rack of Little Berries for Continious Delivery, or as stated by Filippo Continious Outage.

Friday night: After brainstorming skeleton of core business classes and techno chosen. Sebastien starts writing core domain classes. All the team is building up the core business. Olivier and Fred, the braves staying up the whole night. Filippo working on login, a way to avoid CSS I suspect. I think by now I kind of understand Filippo is server side guy ;-)

Saturday morning: Come back of our Grails GSP expert Julien. Heading toward dynamic scaffolding to start with. Filippo dedicated to OAuth authentication. Sebastien doing Tags. Eli doing Twitter aggregator. Fabrice and I doing Sponsor page.

Saturday noon: Visit of Nicolas, our host, asking us can I see something, crisis moment, nothing really concrete to show...

Saturday afternoon: Integrate Tiago's Twitter Bootstrap web design. Impressive what CSS can do to web site.

Saturday evening: Pascal doing his first step with GSP pages with Grails and already writing no less than a Blog/Forum. 

Saturday night: Olivier merging OAuth User to Member. Brave. Filippo pushing OAuth secret key. Fred and Olivier re-doing Group and Member page with proper layout.

I have to confess I wasn't there the whole night on Saturday. My eyes shut down by themselves I had to go to bed (real bed) but Little Raspberry Etherpad log carries on with comment like:

Dimanche matin: 06:52 | il reste que Fred et moi (Olivier), j'ai une page de profil la classe qui save. Je commit, je push, et j'me couche!!

Filipo is the only one still alive... everyone else is sleeping or living... see you tomorow!

Sunday morning: Filippo pushing OAuth final version and facing pressure ;-) because nobody can log.

Sunday evening: Fabrice and Julien pushing to cloud foundry

Sunday evening: Visit of Nicolas and this time there is something to show !

How do they deal with chaos? 

Actually don't try too hard to fight chaos. Let it be.
We didn't come with already-built project with "do that",  "do this" directives. We all have a full-time job during day. If it's to code during WE, it's for fun.

That was the idea: collective and collaborative session.

Did they manage to do something at the end? 

Yes,  we did it!

Off course it's not finished yet and there is still plenty of work to carry on. But we've got something and with some more work we can make it up to our expectation.

What's next? 

What about doing like Filippo and adding issues to github?
Adding issues and tagging them as enhancement/bug will help organize future development.

When is the next coding WE?

Let's see... Maybe we can find a different format. Working on it. Plenty of idea.
Stay tuned:

Please feel free to add comments.

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