Saturday, June 13, 2015

RivieraDEV is over... See you all next year!

2 days of sun, sea and sushi...
And great talks too!
The conference made by developers for developers with the theme "we're not only coders".

Here is some miscellaneous notes, mumblings and souvenirs from this edition.

Thursday starts with a Duchess France presentation made by Blandine: as you've seen we not only located in Paris. If you want to get in touch, participate in such event, drop us a line on Duchess Google group.

Some Design Pattern reloaded and polyglotism latter, out for lunch with great buffet and socca!

For the afternoon, I had to miss Julien's presentation on Vert.x, as I was the speaker next room :]
I've been pleased to see a full room for my Swift presentation. Sophia Antipolis might hold more iOS/OSX developers than I thought maybe time to start a cocoaheads meetup like Florian suggested. If you're interested tweet me. And for those of you who wants to explore Swift in more details, here is my slides with more links.

I also missed the sushi cooking workshop coz I went to Sebastien's talk on 24 mins to build a web app. Although I know the talk by heart (I work with Sebi on AeroGear project), I never miss one of his talk, it's always fun and my favorite part is the 24 mins of live coding. Today on the menu was.... ShushiApp of course.

Friday keynotes were very inspiring. From "what does innovation culture mean for Atlassian?" to "how your boost you professional karma" to end with "the code explained to my mum". I really liked Katia's talk, she's so good at story telling and the anecdote of the boomerang is very true.

This edition will always be a special souvenir for me as it was he first time I've been on the other side: not only an attendee, not only a speaker but this year I was proud to wear the yellow T-shirt as part of the RivieraDEV team.

What makes a good conference is not just the great talks, the quality of the food, the fun workshops, the affordable ticket... It's all about the people you meet. With a friendly atmosphere, it's easy to talk to any body. It's the place where you learn that Vert.x or Ceylon committers are also passionate sushi cookers. You can talk to Angular committer, meet the voice behind the cast coder, chat with one of the Duchess, see Nao, talk about kids or just bump into an ex-Amadeus co-workers.

Thanks for the thanks guys, and see you all next year.

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