Friday, May 23, 2014

Mobile and lightening talks at JSSophia

Last JSSophia event was hosted at CrossKnowledge (big thank you to Matthieu and Stephane). We had a guest speaker Erik, coming from Switzerland to talk about Cordova. Live demo, always comes with surprise specially when not run on your computer ;)

As always in JSSophia meet-up, a very interactive session where you ask, participate, give your view and share with the speaker and the audience. It was really fun to have you Erik :)

Second part was lightening talks, starring:
Mathieu for a 5 minutes, fast paced introduction on Browserify: Bertrand to carry on with noderjs: Sebastien with the wifi back on time, talking about Firefox OS app: Bertrand show us how to debug on Cordova Android: Fred on MEAN: and last but not least, Yacine on Ionic (trolling on jqm): See you at next JSSophia, stay tuned!

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