Monday, February 24, 2014

JSSophia making the show!

Last Thursday, JSSophia, we had fun. Lots of new faces, packed room (audience record, yes man) and last but not least I wasn't the only female dev in the room (Hoorray!!).

Our evening started with a short introduction on the e-learning products by CrossKnowledge (special thanks for hosting our event). Cool demos and even some glance at source code because at JSSophia, it's geeks talking to geeks ;) Interesting to know that CrossKnowledge is recruiting at fast pace of one person a month. Hey networking is also one of the mission of user groups.

And during this introduction lots of idea for new future presentation like HTML5 and accessibility, unit test running on phantom, TypeScript... I've posted those brainstormed ideas in our JSSophia presentation proposal, feel free to add more description to them and even new ideas.

Mathieu made the show presenting "World in conflict!" with a roman costume. Small break, and Maxime gives us in less than 1024 words an entertaining presentation of JS golfing. Last but not least, Yacine (who came from London just for JSSophia ;0 ) carried on the show with a very interactive presentation of Back end as a service. Evening finished around a beer at Green King. Perfect day!

Next not-to-be-missed JSSophia event will be hosted by Amadeus the thursday 27th March. Patrick Brosset, from Mozilla, will tell all about browsers dev tools. See you there!

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